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4 Remarkable Home Remodeling Ideas That Increase the Value of Your Home




Home Remodeling Ideas

Many people believe clinging onto their home for a couple of more years will increase the value. This might not come as a surprise considering there are different factors that determine the real worth of a home. If you believe your house is the biggest asset you own, taking good care of it should be among your first priorities. Luckily, making do with some improvements and repairs can go a long way in increasing the value over time. Whether you want to sell your home at a higher price or simply build equity, here are useful home remodeling tips you can put in practice.

  • Invest in an Additional Bathroom

One way of recouping a huge amount of your home investment involves adding another bathroom. With an additional bathroom, the price of your house is definitely going to skyrocket no matter how long you decide to cling onto it. However, the problem sets in when it comes to finding space for your extra bathroom. Try examining any extra rooms in your home or underutilized spaces such as closets as they will prove beneficial.

As is the case with any other project, the cost of an additional bathroom entirely depends on your preferences. Do you prefer adding a half-bath, full bath or bathtub? Think about all the additions and accessories you plan to use, and the cost of purchasing each item. With a budget in place, you will have to search for dealers that offer discounts on important items such as the toilet and sinks.

  • Incorporate ‘Smart’ Technologies

‘Smart’ homes top the list of widely sought after houses by property seekers as they not only look remarkable but also make your stay comfortable.  This does not mean changing the entire appearance of your house simply because you want to make it ‘smart’. Instead, invest in ‘smart’ technologies like safety enhancing gadgets as they do not fetch a huge price in the market. Among the most notable safe and smart gadgets you can include in your home include carbon monoxide detectors, door locks, security cameras, fire detectors to mention a few.

Even though incorporating smart tech might at times not increase the value of your home, it still adds appeal. Furthermore, you do not have to break the bank to purchase and install these gadgets as is the case with renovating your bathroom or making changes to the roof. To make it even better, tech enthusiasts are likely to pay more for your home if they come across these items.

  • Add an Outdoor Living Space

With more people now spending their vacation at home, adding an outdoor living space is definitely going to increase the value of your house. Simply make your backyard more appealing by adding a deck and your house will attract prospective buyers quite easily once you decide to sell it.  The cost of adding an outdoor living space depends on the size of your deck not forgetting the number of whistles and bells you are going to use.

To cut on building costs, it would be better to opt for a Do It Yourself (DIY) deck as it is usually half the price. Keep in mind deck construction is not an easy undertaking and you must have the mandatory skills.  In addition, you require a number of specific tools with most of them proving to be very expensive especially if you are not planning to reuse them in the future.  You can solve this problem by renting construction equipment from tool libraries close to your home.

If you are not the DIY type of person, inspect all the contractors at your disposal before choosing someone to work with.  Never hire a contractor without getting references since some are scammers who are only interested in stealing from you. In addition, any contractor you interview must be able to share not less than 3 quotes together with the specifics.  Do not be in a hurry to outsource the services of a contractor since the deck must serve you for a number of years to come. Therefore, any slight mistake you make is going to cost you big time in the long run.

  • Add an Attractive Taste

Small changes to your home add the most value as they keep it away from fading over time. Repaint your home from time to time as it adds some drama and color to your living space. If repainting every room is proving daunting, then you will have to think a little smaller. Go with something like glasvlies behanger as it will save you from the stress of having to repaint every room in your house. Better, this wallpaper covers small cracks in your walls thus maintaining the normal appearance of a perfect home.

Apart from repainting and adding wallpaper to your walls, you can also clear the house of mold, fix the roof if it leaks and replace wood that seems to be rotting. Prospective buyers are always looking for notable signs of routine maintenance and they will lose interest if they fail to see any. Making these changes keeps your home in incredible shape and if at all you decide to sell it, buyers are going to flow in.

In Conclusion

There are many home improvement options you can incorporate in your house to add value.  If you plan to make adjustments, but most of your focus on small changes that make your home attractive to prospective buyers who are on a budget. Concentrate on changes like repainting your home, adding wallpaper and small additions that make your home more comfortable. In case of any doubts, then you are free to seek the help of professionals and they will be glad to offer a helping hand. Always have a perfectly outlined budget as it prevents you from putting yourself in a tight financial situation after completing the necessary home improvement projects.

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Home Improvement

Commercial Roofing Inspection: What to expect?





Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofs require a special kind of attention and safety as their wear and tear affect the whole organization both on the outside as well as inside, both in terms of employee safety and the overall goodwill of the organization on the outside.

Commercial roofing inspectors are certified technicians who check your building facilities and prepare a report according to set standards. They would analyze your commercial roof’s premises and suggest the fixations accordingly. An inspector will be responsible for a full examination and will help you plan roof safety and also assist you in further designing a plan for roof maintenance. It’s important to stay connected with the roofing inspectors for the best repair and installation-based recommendations.

Hiring a commercial roofing inspector in Houston, Texas, is not a difficult job, but making sure the process goes smoothly is crucial. The necessary steps towards ensuring successful commercial roofing repair and maintenance are:

Hiring Certified Professionals – It’s important to hire a certified inspector for your roofing who has good experience in scrutinizing and can give you credible reports on your current status and what would be the best route from the point.

Cost: The best suggestion would be not to judge inspectors based on their fees; it’s important to hire somebody with a good experience and good reviews even if charges a little extra.

Safety: Commercial roofing is also about safety; as minor flaws may result in the accident and risk the safety of those involved in repair, maintenance and the occupants of the home. You must keep the expenses aside and focus on getting the output; otherwise, it might lead to organizational discomfort and make you and your loved ones vulnerable to hazard.

Reviews: Reading their reviews and feedback is also essential as it gives the idea of their earlier work. Although inspectors will recommend the best contractors around, checking and taking quotations from different vendors is also important for a good comparison.

Here are some things which you should expect from commercial roofing inspections.

Inspection is done to answer the questions like, “Which material would be the best according to the height and area of the building,” “How much time will the service take,” and most importantly, “How much cost will the whole project incur.”. All of these are necessary pieces of information that need to be analyzed and discussed before hiring contractors for the roofing.

Reports- A good inspection report carries remarks on all of the following features, and it’s critical to ensure that all of these are thoroughly examined.

General Roof Conditions –

  • Waste on Roofs
  • Drainage System
  • Physical Damage
  • Condition of the Attic
  • Deformation in the Structure.


  • Condition of Coating
  • Puncture Losses
  • Cracks
  • Blisters on the roof or Fish Mouth Pondings

Material used

  • Surface Condition
  • Deformation of the Edges
  • Shingles
  • Tabs that are missing
  • Metal: Corrosion Fasteners

 Roof Features

  • Flashing Drain
  • Chimney
  • Control Zone Access
  • Vents

Condition of the Ceiling

  • Crack
  • Water Stains
  • Water Leakages
  • Seasonal Changes

Wall (Exterior)

  • Surface Deterioration
  • Stains

Walls (Interior)

  • Cracks
  • Water Stains
  • Leakages
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Leakage on Windows
  • Door Alignment

The above list contains all the areas of inspection, and remarks on these will assist your roofing projects. A certified inspector will give a detailed report on all of the above, but for that to happen, you need to make sure that all the areas are approachable and nothing is disturbed while they are performing check-ups on ventilation and inspecting other problems.

Post Inspection Tasks- Some necessary tasks are to be completed after the inspection and organizational discussion, which includes contacting the different contractors available and getting the best quotations for the assignment.

Commercial Roofing in Houston, Texas, has evolved in different forms over the years, and the professionals have changed the idea of it completely. With companies doing everything to build their brands and goodwill, recruiting qualified inspectors becomes necessary both for protecting brands’ reputation and safety.

Technicians who have worked in the industry for a good long time have the know-how of all the designs and structures and have high credibility standards. But it’s also essential on your part to check the services that you receive from the inspectors in terms of reports and all the mentioned things.

The easiest method is to choose inspectors who are available around your area. Choosing Texas Certified Roofing for your commercial roofing in Houston, Texas, will provide you with a team of qualified technicians who are there in the industry for more than 20 years. We also provide certified technicians for examination. Our services are flexible, and we cater to all the commercial roofing demands, whether it is a repair or complete installation of a new roof.

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