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Football Fantasy Games




Football Fantasy Games

Fantasy sport is a kind of gaming, often through the platform of the internet, that allows participants to organize virtual teams of real players of that sport. Competition is based on real-life statistical performance of those players. The participants can also trade or cut (drop) out players. Fantasy football games give participants the opportunity to enjoy football with real players.

Introduction to fantasy manager football


Once your account has been made and you have got the cash, your team roster and coins, you are good to go. The first and most important thing after this is setting up your team. The players play the most important role. An interesting fact about fantasy football is that the players’ value ill upgrade according to their real life performances.


Your players will not necessarily be restricted to regular players. You can also select the great football legends from the “Buy Now” section in “free agents”. The value of these players will not upgrade like the others, but an average of their performance throughout their career will be the fixed value.

Player values

The players original performance value can be increased with the players’ level and power-ups. The values signify their strength and thus the likelihood of them winning. You need to know which factors are considered in the player’s value and this information will be available in the game.

Team value

The total of the value of all the players that you have included is the team value. Your goal should be to increase this value as much as you can.

Cash and coins

These are the two virtual currencies included in the game. This currency is used to buy players, improve their performance, buy items and much more. This currency can also be lost if you are defeated in any match you play. If this loss is greater than your total currency, the cash value can go in negative.


You can play matches in the “play match”, “tournament” or the “Superleague”. Energy is necessary to be able to play these matches and these matches exhaust your energy. Once you are out of energy, you cannot compete until your energy is revived. You get one point of energy every one minute.

If you are a fan of football, this is the ideal opportunity for you to explore your interest further and enjoy a virtual experience unlike any other. There are many fantasy football games to choose from and FootballCoin is one such game. Here, you will find the most competent football players there are and have been. FootballCoin is now hosting a Champions league fantasy game for the entire world to enjoy. There is a vast collection of football stars and only the very best acquire a legacy.

FootballCoin is also introducing Fantasy Premier league which can proudly claim to include only the best football leagues from around the globe. For all the fame EPL (English Premier League) has received, fantasy Premier League is bound to make it to the top of fantasy games.

Football is widely loved game and is known for its ability to engage not only the players, but the vast crowds as well. With fantasy football games, football enthusiasts are no longer restricted to watching professional matches. They can manipulate teams with recognized players and engage in a virtual tournament of their own. These are a dream come true for the football fans!

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