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Google June 2019 Core update shows that only E-A-T method of ranking is no longer the case



CCN shutting down because of Google update

There is no hiding the fact that Google June 2019 Core update happened. And it is also a fact that every update does some changes to the ranking of websites around the world.

However, the fact that this update has affected various high “authority” websites is a cause of concern for many around the world.

Now, there is a saying that there is a ranking factor known as E-A-T which stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. If a website is higher in all these factors, it will rank well in search results.

But if your rankings drop, it is because your E-A-T factor is lower. However, the recent update from Google has shown everyone that the E-A-T factor is not the only factor that you need to take care of ranking.

This Google June 2019 update has been severe on lots of websites around the world. For example, UK’s DailyMail website lost its traffic by 50% since the update has rolled out. And it is fair to say that they have been hit hard. Apart from that, one of the websites has already announced that they are shutting down because of the Google update., which is a Bitcoin news site, is reportedly shutting down. The reason being that they have lost most of their traffic because of the June 2019 core update.

“Google’s June 2019 Core Update rolled out on June 3th 2019 and CCN’s traffic from Google searches dropped more than 71% on mobile overnight.

Our daily revenue is down by more than 90%.”

CCN also reports that they are not the only ones who have lost traffic, rankings and revenue because of this update. The biggest website in Bitcoin and Blockchain news, CoinDesk, has also lost traffic according to CCN’s internal analysis

The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk, has experienced a 34,6% drop according to”

CCN says

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Google now lets you share your search results



Google Search Results sharing

One thing that everyone does when they want information about something is to Google it. This basically means that you type your required information inside search box on Google and the search engine will give you results. However, there are people all around the world that don’t bother to search on Google and rather ask everyone on social media about it. For them, we have to often reply with an advise to “just google it”.

However, it is also known that some people who are elderly do not understand the technology that well. So they often rely on the younger generation to do the task of searching on Google. But for those who know how to Google and just don’t, we have to give them some passive aggressive replies. One of them is to send a link to LMGTFY which is Let Me Google That For You.

Basically, it is a link which sends a particular search query to people and if they click on the link, they will be redirected to Google and see the search results. Now, that task will be possible from the Google Search app itself. Because Google app as well as website now gets a new share button. This means that you can share your Google Search Results.

All in all, you can now just google something for someone and then share the search result with them so they can see the results instead of bothering to search themselves. Also, this functionality is available for every app so you can send the results by sharing on any application as well as copy it to clipboard as well.

You just have to click on the Share button that is seen next to the search bar and it will share the search results for you. Then, you can select any app or service and just share it with ease.

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Mike Mann reports selling of 9 domains in May for $179, 828




Domain Market

Mike Mann who is known to be a big domain investor as well as a sharp mind in the industry has reported sales of some premium domains for a lot of money. Mike Mann’s report reveals that he sold a total of 9 domains last month. The total amount that was paid by different buyers for these 9 domains was $179,828. It is reported that the average domain sales price was $19,981.

Before getting to know which were these domain names and what they were sold for, we should have a look at who MikeMann is. Basically, MikeMann is the owner of a website called which is famous for offering premium domains to the tune of more than 350,000. Now, it does not mean that MikeMann reports every domain sale that DomainMarket makes. Instead, Mike reports what he wants to report and hides others.

Also, it is known that he purchases and sells hundreds of domains every month through market research and other factors. Yet, he only discloses details about the ones that get the highest price for obvious reasons. One more thing to consider here is that Mike Mann needs to sell more than $2.5 million worth of domains so that he can break even in terms of returns on investment.

Talking about the 9 domains that he has reported for May 2019, the highest sale out of those domains has been for which has collected $29,888 on its own which was purchased for just $7 from Purch in 2009. Other domains include,,,,,, and

Now, one thing that you would have noticed here is that all the domains are having .com TLD which shows that this TLD has the most value which is even more than .net domains. It should also be noted that is reporting its monthly reports since 2016.


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Microstrategy announces the sale of domain name for $30 million in Cash




Microstrategy has just announced what is one of the biggest news in Domain industry. This could also be one of the biggest deals done fully by cash as well. Microstrategy has informed the world that it has made the sale of domain name. This deal was done in cash and the domain name was sold for $30 million. The company says that the deal was facilitated by GoDaddy which means that the transfer process was done on GoDaddy. And the deal was completed on May 30, 2019. This domain name has been used by who have made the use of for its social media platform based on blockchain. is an 18-year old domain as it was first registered in 2001 and it is assumed that the domain expired and was dropped later. Later, Microstrategy bought this domain from a person owning this domain in China for a price which is not disclosed.

Here is MicroStrategy’s statement on this deal:

“ has made a smart strategic decision in choosing to be the internet domain name for its new social media platform. The word ‘voice’ is simple and universally understood. It’s also ubiquitous ― as a search term, it returns billions of results on the internet. An ultra-premium domain name like can help a company achieve instant brand recognition, ignite a business, and massively accelerate value creation. MicroStrategy holds more than a dozen evocative and powerful domain names. While our focus continues to be on our core analytics and mobility business, we are open to leveraging these domain names in equity or other strategic transactions with well-funded parties”

MicroStrategy also holds many ultra-premium domain names apart from which include,,,,, and including others. You can also visit where MicroStrategy has listed all the domains in its possession and you can express interest in any of the domains.

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