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Measuring Customer Satisfaction In Ecommerce: Key Methods




Customer Satisfaction

One of the important marketing strategies to improve the quality of the brand is the survey regarding the products. It helps a lot the companies to get an idea of what are the good and bad aspects of their items. For those who want that they get the fruitful results and want to grow in the market, they should use strategies like customer satisfaction survey to get an idea that how the customer feels about the brand and what changes they want in the products. Conducting the survey is not a difficult task. There are different types of surveys that companies can do to get knowledge about their brand. These are


It is the type of question format in which you can ask customers to stay in touch with the brand. Like you may ask

  • Do you like to purchase the product in the future again?
  • Are you interested in surveys through email?
  • Can we contact you in the future regarding the product?
  • In the case of the company bring some changes can we inform you?

Much more, there are many such questions that you can ask so that you can keep your loyal customers in contact. This type of survey helps the buyers to get know-how about new launches and products in the store.

Open text

An open text survey is the opinion type of format. You provide the text box to the buyer and ask them to write their opinion regarding the purchase. Ask the surveyor to be honest and write with sincerity, remember you need a survey for the betterment of your company so don’t rely on false or extra admiring opinions. Trust on the things that are written with sincerity. You can add the following types of questions

  • How we can do better for you?
  • How do you feel about the company?
  • How our employees can work better?
  • Any suggestions to improve?

Product usage

For the success of the company, it is important to know about the product. You must know how frequently customers buy the product. Do they recommend to others? You must now overall product usage. For this type of survey, you can add the following type of question in the survey form

  • Does the product provide the expected outcomes?
  • What type of improvement do you want?
  • How frequently you use this product?
  • Any suggestions related to service or product?

Customer satisfaction

Another aspect to get an idea of customer satisfaction is to use the scale to know how your service is working. It provides the opinion of the customer how much they are satisfied.

You can make a scale for

  • Quality of product 0 to 10
  • Customer response 0 to 10
  • Customer emotions like sad, happy, anger or any such according to the type of product or service.

These are a few types of surveys that you can use to know customer satisfaction. The qualitative research program has many benefits. Keeping in mind the limitations of qualitative research one can get following fruitful results

  • Evaluation can be done with detail
  • One can get an idea according to the human experience
  • Gathered data has a predictive quality
  • It creates specific insights
  • More chance of improvement and bring positive variations.

Getting a loyal and happy customer is the tricky thing. You have to do an effort. One has to produce the product that consumers need, for that reason getting an opinion from buyers matters a lot. Grow in the industry by knowing what customers want to help to boost up the business.

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Top 4 Components of An Ideal Letterhead





printing letterhead

We might have entered into a digital era where everything has been digitized, but still, some business components are used in paper form. And one such component is letterhead.

Letterheads are being used in businesses for a very long time and still, its usage and popularity has not declined. Whether you are in a pharmaceutical firm or an FMCG firm, you just can’t ignore letterheads. With the advancement of time, the ways of using letterheads and its design must have evolved, but it’s important is still the same. If you have a good letterhead, then you will be able to promote your brand and assure authenticity without any hassle. But do you know what the main components of an ideal letterhead are?

Different countries and different industries use different types of letterheads but there are four basic components that every letterhead should. Keep on reading to stay illuminated.

Name of your firm

One of the most important things that you should never forget to include in the four-color printing letterhead is the name of your company. How you will use the name will totally depend on which type of company you are running. If you are the one in the company, then you will just need to write down your own name and the business name. And if you are in partnership, then you will need to write the legal name of the company.

The name of the company in the letterhead should always be in bold and should be the first thing to be noticed by the recipient. If you have a logo of your firm, then you should never miss to include it. It will help your recipients to recognize your brand without any hassle, and it will also promote your brand without spending even a single dime.

Address of your company

In addition to the name of your firm, you will also need to include the address of the company. You can put the address just below the name of the company or you can go out of the box and use it elsewhere as well. But you must include the physical, postal, and registered address of the company. It is always a better idea to use a font for the address that matches the company name.

Registration number of the company

If you are trading as a limited company, then you will need to include the registration number of the company. If it is only you, then you don’t need to worry about adding the name of the director. Most people add the registered number just after the address or you can keep the company name and address on one side and the registered number on the other side as well. Never use fancy fonts for the registration number as it will not look professional. It is very easy to get carried away with attractive looking fonts and colors, but you should never succumb to fancy designs.

Other details

You will also need to include the fax, phone number, email address, web address and perhaps a tagline of your company. Adding all these things will make your letterhead look legitimate. All the things that you include in your business cards need to be put in your letterhead as well.

Including necessary information about your company is very necessary in a 4 color letterhead otherwise it will start looking like an informal piece of paper. Choose a good letterhead printing service provider and give details about the things you want to include in your letterhead.

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High Ranking websites are not focusing on accessibility, Study Reveals






We know that a website is accessed by all types of users. This is to say that not every user that is coming to your website will have the ability to see your content or read the article. There are users who are blind, deaf or visually-impaired and they have a hard time reading content on the web. Major companies such as Google and Apple are doing good work in the field of accessibility for their OSes.

However, a new study reveals that websites that are ranking higher up in Google Search are neglecting such users and not providing accessibility features such as text-to-speech. One of the most neglected aspect here is that the websites are not optimized for visually impaired and blind users.

This study was conducted by Searchmetrics by using the Google Lighthouse platform for testing the technical optimization level of such websites. However, the study also says that the results were as expected. According to the results, the high ranking websites use the latest technologies and are extremely fast which is a ranking factor from Google. But they are not the best when it comes to accessibility feature.

However, websites are not concentrating on those features as it is not a factor on which Google ranks the websites. The study shows that top 20 websites in Google Search results got a score of 66.6 out of 100 in terms of accessibility.

This score did not go down well with the Director of Marketing EMEA at Searchmetrics, Daniel Furch. Daniel said:

“If you don’t make your site easily accessible to those with disabilities, including those with impaired vision, you cut yourself off of from a large group of visitors.

Not only is it ethically a good idea to be inclusive, but also obviously you could be turning away potential customers. And some sites have even faced lawsuits for failing on this issue.”


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Facebook introduces New Group and Page ranking factors in its News Feed algorithm





Facebook News Feed

It is a fact that you need an algorithm to decide if a post should stay ahead in the ranking or not. This is true for Google as they have massive algorithms for their search rankings. However, we know that Google is not the only one which indexes posts as well as websites. One of the other major companies which is similar to Google in some ways is Facebook.

Although Facebook does not have websites listed in it, it does have posts and groups to handle. On Facebook as well, there are algorithms which decide the relevancy of a post according to your preference. In most cases, this is pretty accurate and we get to see the posts that we want to interact with.

We also heard from Facebook that they are releasing a new News Feed Algorithm update. The company revealed that this update is focused on boosting content from the users who you are likely to care about the most. This, Facebook claims, will also reduce the reach of clickbait. Now, Facebook has amended this update by adding some ranking signals into its algorithm. This amendment is related to adding ranking factors for groups and pages same as other content.

Facebook says that the only reason people come to Facebook is because of “friends”. And for this reason, Facebook is adding the ranking factors inside pages and groups to see the most relevant content from your friends and family. Facebook’s amendment to its News Feed algorithm includes two factors. One is how interested users are for specific page’s content and how important is a group to a user.

The company says that based on these two factors, they have updated its News Feed algorithm to “prioritize the Pages and groups we predict an individual may care about most”.


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